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willow zhu has roots in BOSTON, NASHVILLE, and now CHICAGO where she is also a college student studying economics and music. drawing from her inspirations in country and pop music, her authentic lyrics and electric melodies fuse the best of both worlds. her sound is characterized by eclectic textures and storylines that are catchy and relatable. willow’s penmanship remains autobiographical on her musings of growing up and understanding the world of love through heartbreak and happiness. she continues to give her listeners the inside scoop on all the little things in life via her musical diary. her most recent projects include the five song EP “High School” (2021) and the single “If Only I Had an Airstream” (2022), which was featured in an advertising campaign sponsored by airstream company and taylor guitars.


willow is currently hard at work writing songs solo and with her friends— many of which she hopes to release very, very soon.



thank you so much for your message <3

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